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Getting Your Kids to Enjoy Sleeping More

MAR 26 featured image.jpgIT’S A FACT OF LIFE that kids are inquisitive little beings who don’t like missing out on anything. This is particularly true at night when the adults are still awake and children are supposed to be slumbering peacefully in their beds. So, it’s no wonder many kids don’t enjoy sleeping.

There’s also the issue of nighttime. When it’s dark, monsters come out to play, right? Because children often believe scary events happen during the hours of darkness, it can be hard for kids to relax. They might be frightened of every shadow they see and every noise they hear. Regular happenings can take on a whole new and scary angle in the dark.

Why Aren’t Children Sleeping Enough?

In addition to the reasons above, many children are getting to bed too late to enjoy a decent sleep. The National Sleep Council points out that if kids go to bed after 9:00 p.m., they take more time to get to sleep. They’re also more restless at night and consequently get less overall sleep. This is often compounded by some parents not setting clear rules and routines around bedtime.

How to Improve Your Child’s Sleep

reading in bed to child-2.jpgGetting enough sleep is crucial to the emotional well-being, development and growth of your child. Employing the following tips can help improve your child’s sleep.

    • Have a nighttime routine.
      By adhering to the same bedtime routine, such as bath and bed, every night, you can ensure your child learns when it’s time for sleep. Structure and repetition make your kids feel safe. You might worry about imposing your will upon your children. However, being firm and loving when it’s time for sleep comforts your child. The repetition of routine also makes them feel secure. Things to include in this nighttime routine include, brushing teeth, putting on their PJs, followed by a favorite bedtime story. This works wonders when it’s done night after night.
    • Have set bedtimes and waking times.
      Even on the weekend, it’s imperative for your children to stay in a regular routine. Otherwise, if they sleep in on a Saturday and Sunday, it’s even more difficult to wake them for class on Monday morning. Getting up early on a weekend also gives them more time for fun!
    • Teach your child to fall asleep alone.
      teddy bear.jpgIt’s very tempting to take your child in with you to your own bed if they have difficulty sleeping. However, this isn’t practical to do every night. Therefore, you need to teach them how to fall asleep without you there. Put your child to bed when they’re sleepy and leave the room before they fall asleep. Provide them with some cozy blankets and a stuffed animal to cuddle with for comfort.

Striking the right balance in terms of bedtimes for your children can be difficult. Remember though, that it’s not impossible. If your children are restless at night, scared of the dark, or believe monsters are lurking under the bed, help them out by providing a night light for their peace of mind. Kids can enjoy sleeping, and by following the advice above, you can get a good night’s rest too!

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