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Fun Seasonal PJs Are Key to Winter Survival, Holiday Joy

dec 20 featured image cuteness.jpgWhen temperatures start to drop outdoors, warm pajamas come out from hiding indoors. It starts with the first chilly night, which stimulates the natural desire to wrap up in something soft and cozy. Then the holiday shopping madness begins, and flannel pajama sets are on the sale list at virtually every store. New Year’s Day rolls around, and there’s nothing better than warm PJs when you’re recovering from a late night of adult treats and dropping balls.

Fun seasonal pajamas line the shelves of most retail stores from fall until early spring, and you have even more options if you shop online. Pajamas are one of the most affordable and festive ways to lighten up the dreariest season of the year, and keep everyone you love warm, cozy, and connected.

It’s a Family Affair

kids wearing matching pajamas.jpgHave you seen those adorable family photos that bombard Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites in November and December? The Christmas trees are gorgeous and the kids are the cutest, but it’s the matching pajamas that command the most attention. It may seem like a lot of work to coordinate pajamas when you have adults, teenagers, kids of various ages, and perhaps a baby in the mix, but you just have to know where to shop.

Here are some of the best options for matching family holiday pajamas:

Keep in mind that the holiday season is also a DIY season. You don’t need a professional photographer to capture adorable images of your loved ones romping around the tree or fireplace in their matching PJs.

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem

The colder it is outside, the more acceptable it is to spend the day, or even the weekend, in your pajamas. This is especially true if you spend the day wrapping gifts or planning an epic holiday party for your loved ones. Get cozy in your footed pajamas, keep the heated blankets on high, and make no apologies for giving yourself a day of rest. You’ll return to work refreshed and ready to focus. Plus, you’re supposed to hibernate in winter!


The New Ugly Sweater

Are you tired of ugly sweater parties? They happen every year, and most people recycle the same sweaters year after year. You can spice things up by throwing a pajama-themed party instead. Encourage your loved ones to wear their favorite jammies to toast the eggnog and giggle their way through a White Elephant gift exchange.

The Simple Approach to Gift Buying

The fastest and easiest way to select gifts without blowing your budget is to select a theme. If something sweet for your sweeties is the theme, you could send everyone an edible gift loaded with sugar. For the pajama theme, you have endless options to make sure that every person on your gift list receives fun seasonal pajamas that fit their personality.

What about your loved ones afar? Send Pajamagrams to their doorstep, and they will think of you each time they bundle up for a night by the fire.

As temperatures start to drop in your corner of the world, bring those fun seasonal pajamas out of hiding. If you don’t have many, you’re well covered by the holiday sales kicking off in most stores. You can even accessorize with cute slippers, sleep masks, and warm robes. Whether you splurge on new jammies for yourself this year or make it a habit to send Pajamagrams to someone special each year, you may be surprised how much joy PJs can bring into your life.

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