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Design Your Bedroom for Sleep – the Details Make a Difference

Bedroom Decor.jpgHave you ever opened a magazine to an image of a well-designed bedroom and instantly thought about crawling into the bed and napping? Perhaps you can’t watch television shows that unveil celebrity homes without yawning when they get to the bedrooms. It’s easy to assume that the best, most relaxing-looking bedroom designs are reserved for the rich and famous – or for the best hotels. But actually, you can create the same type of sleep environment in your own bedroom.

With the right bedroom set and a few tips, you can turn even the most modest bedroom into a haven for quality sleep. You can walk into your bedroom and feel that same sense of peaceful relaxation that you get when entering a room at the Ritz. It’s more about the details than your budget.

Hotel-Worthy Bed Designs

It’s true that many hotels invest in top-quality mattresses that not everyone can afford, but it’s the placement of the bed and the design of the overall room that creates that serene sleeping environment. It’s often a matter of selecting the right bedroom sets and then positioning each piece masterfully.

Here are a few tips from the Four Seasons Hotel that you can apply to any bedroom:

    • Make the bed the centerpiece of the room by choosing a headboard that grabs attention. Your eyes will instantly gravitate to this centerpiece when you enter the room, putting your focus on sleep.
    • Less is best when it comes to bedroom furniture. A cluttered room equals a cluttered mind, and that’s not the best mental state for sleep. While bedside tables are important, make sure that the area around the bed is open so you don’t bump into anything in the middle of the night or stub your toe.
Bedroom Designs that Hide Subtle Lights

alarm clock turned away.jpgLeaving the television and computer in another room is one of the best bedroom ideas that you will ever hear, but there are still some small electronic lights that you may need in your sleep zone. For instance, you may not want to part with your alarm clock and you may not feel comfortable leaving your phone in another room.

The solution is to position pieces of bedroom furniture so that those little lights are pointing away from your bed. It’s often as simple as placing the alarm clock on the side of a table or dresser rather than setting it in the center or along the front edge. When shopping for bedroom sets, think beyond where you will place each piece of furniture. Consider what things you’ll be putting on each piece as well.

What About Feng Shui?

july 26 aug 2 moving bedYou can’t discuss the placement of furniture or ideal bedroom ideas without bringing in the Chinese philosophy of feng shui. It’s all about setting your bedroom up to encourage the flow of positive energy, and it all starts with the position of your bed. Feng shui bedroom rules dictate that you shouldn’t align your bed with the door. The furthest diagonal corner is often considered the best placement because you can see the door but aren’t aligned.

Here are some additional feng shui tips that will help you position your furniture for sweet peace:

    • Choose wooden bedroom sets. This natural material will connect you to nature, and a solid wood headboard is more durable and will give the sense of security when you climb under the covers.
    • Avoid the “death position,” which is any bed placement that points your feet at the door. The Chinese believe that this is the best way to introduce negative energy into your sleep zone.
    • Choose tables and accessories with rounded corners or circular designs. Pointed corners introduce “sharp” energy that isn’t conducive to sleep.
The Final Touches

The best bedroom designs go beyond the bedroom set. Incorporate your bedding sets and room décor into a calming color scheme, and select decorative elements that soothe your mind. Pull bedroom ideas together with accent rugs, throw pillows, wall murals and live plants. The best bed designs aren’t always the most expensive or luxurious. It’s more about comfort, color and placement.

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