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Sleeping Solutions for Your Summer Home

summer homes.jpgAs you prepare your vacation home for a summer of fun and relaxation, it’s important to think ahead. Do you need to replace your mattress this summer? What about your bed frame or bedding? Is it a good time to upgrade your bedroom style, or will your current decor tide you over until next year?

As you answer these questions and more, consider how you will outfit your vacation home from your current location. As most vacation homes are miles away from nowhere, it can be difficult to find a vendor willing to ship your new bedroom furniture. To help you out, we’ve come up with a few clever solutions.

Finding the Perfect Beds

When you are purchasing new beds for getting your vacation home ready, you have to think about delivery of the mattresses and frames. This is often a roadblock for vacation home owners, as the cost of delivering to an isolated location, i.e., in the mountains or by a lake, can increase substantially. If you try to transport the bed and mattress yourself, it can be near to impossible given the girth of a mattress.

aug 9 summer homeownerWhat can you do? Consider the Verlo-to-Go bed in a box product. This is a new product that features a gel foam mattress compressed into a 17″ by 43″ box. When packed, this bed will easily fit into a compact car so you can transport it yourself. No need to hire a delivery truck or movers to make your new bed a permanent fixture in your vacation home.

Types of Beds for Vacation Homes

Another option is to reconsider your choice for a vacation bed. Do you need a traditional four-poster bed or a queen size frame for every room? Probably not. You can easily increase your sleeping arrangements to accommodate guests at your summer home by adding nontraditional bedding styles.

bed in vacation home.jpgAdd a futon to your screened-in porch and you’ll have both a lightweight sofa for sitting and a fold-down bed as needed. A trundle mattress affixed to a twin-sized bed is another option for adding sleeping space. This is the perfect setup for a household with children coming around for summer sleepovers.

Updating Existing Bedroom Furniture

Are you choosing among vacation rentals this summer? If so, then purchasing new bedding sets and mattresses might not be a possibility. Instead invest in a mattress protector, which will provide you with a like-new mattress. You can rest assured knowing that you aren’t touching the same used mattress top as the previous renters.

Plus, a mattress protector will help you keep the mattress safe from stains and sand so you aren’t charged extra for a cleaning fee when you leave your vacation rental. If your existing mattress is less than cozy, choose a mattress topper or cover that adds an extra inch or two of padding. It can make quite the difference for your comfort.

Finding a solution for your vacation home’s sleeping arrangements is easier today than ever thanks to convenience and variability. Whether you choose the easy-to-handle gel mattress in a box  or another unconventional bed style, there’s something for every price point and decor. Consider your options, make a choice, and kick back and relax knowing that you have your vacation home’s sleep situation under control.

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