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Does Sunday Night Football Yield Tired Monday Morning Employees?

oct 23 drawing of tired office workerMonday mornings will always be a challenge. But when you throw in staying up late to watch Sunday Night Football – and your team loses – those Monday mornings can feel especially brutal.

Experts agree – getting too little sleep over an extended period of time is bad for you – even if the shortage was due to watching your two favorite teams duke it out on the football field.

Does late-night television impact the performance of employees who have to report for work the next day?

It depends, says Science Daily.

Most people need a minimum of eight hours of sleep to feel good and to think on their toes the next day. So if you stay up late watching the Super Bowl but are able to sleep in the next morning, impact should be minimal.

It’s those who stay up too late and still have to be in the office, on the loading docks or behind the wheel in the early morning who are doing themselves an injustice. And television is a big factor in encouraging people to stay up later than they should, especially on Sunday nights, even when responsibility beckons in the morning.


Television Can Be Addictive

You may have suspected that your viewing habits have a bit in common with addiction, and indeed, the New York Times is ready to back up your observation. For some, says the Times, television is an emotional crutch — it’s a tool that people lean on when they’re feeling down, anxious or stressed, much like addiction.

And if you’ve ever binged a whole season of anything on NETFLIX, you get it.

But this excessive screen-watching can lead to sleep disorders that can cause the onset of diseases that can result in all sorts of negative consequences, the least of which involve reporting to work tired and depressed on Monday morning.

Too much television, coupled with too-little sleep can impact your day in all kinds of negative ways:

    • You’ll feel irritable and grumpy
    • You’ll have less patience and focus
    • Your decision-making skills may suffer

And, like all good addictions, stopping may be more difficult than you think. Once you’ve trained your mind and body to stay up late, getting them to wind down again when you’re ready to change your ways won’t come easy.

How to Break the Cycle

Quiet, dark bedroom.jpgRepetition is key to re-training your body to wind down at night. Begin by adopting a new, set routine that involves turning off the television, computer, mobile phone and your tablet at least an hour before you’re ready to turn in.

Retire to a bedroom or sleeping area that is quiet, cool, dark and relaxing. Add calming aromas such as lavender or chamomile to the atmosphere using a diffuser, and make sure your bed is clean, comfortable and beckoning.

Find a comfortable sleeping position and stay in it while you work to help your mind shut down. Use meditation. Count sheep. Or listen to soft music to help ease the thoughts and images flitting through your mind as you attempt to drift off.

Set your alarm for the time you need to rise — not before and not after. Waking up a half-hour early and repeatedly hitting the snooze button robs you of quality time that is better spent sleeping.

But Hey, It’s Football!

men watching football at home.jpgCan’t make yourself miss the Sunday-night game? Then make an effort to adjust your sleep schedule, whether that involves napping before the game,  using flex time to start later on Monday mornings or going to bed earlier Monday night. Do whatever you need to do to ensure you’re getting the amount of sleep your body needs. Your boss, and your body, will thank you. 

And if none of that works, take heart that the season doesn’t last forever. Being tired the next day may be the badge of honor die-hard fans are simply willing to wear.

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