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Does a $6,000 Pillow Feel Better Than a $25 Pillow?

WE’VE BEEN HAVING fun talking about the super luxurious Eiderdown pillow that Verlo is giving away during the grand opening event we’re hosting on Aug. 20th to celebrate our new Wauwatosa store at The Mayfair Collection.

The really fun part is watching people’s faces when we tell them that the pillow costs $6,000. (Yes, $6,000!) We’ve seen all kinds of expressions: shock … disbelief … amazement … even fear and disgust.

In fact, when the pillow made an appearance on the local FOX 6 daytime program Real Milwaukee, one of the hosts was afraid to touch it!

You can’t help but wonder, would you sleep better on a $6,000 pillow?



The answer is no, not necessarily. Don’t assume the more you pay for a pillow, the better it will be for you.

Find your perfect pillow

Verlo’s new Wauwatosa store features something very unique: the world’s largest selection of pillows. With over 80 different types and feels, you’ll be able to choose the pillow that fits you best. (And in case you were wondering, prices range from $10 to $6,000.)

Verlo has a proprietary fitting process that is unique to you, based on your body type, sleep position and preferences. So if you sleep on your stomach and have narrow frame, that $6,000 may not be the best fit for you – and the $25 one might just be your perfect pillow.

Join us for Pillowpalooza!

Stop by our new Wauwatosa store for our grand opening event this Saturday, Aug. 20, from 10 am to 2 pm. Verlo’s Pillow-Palooza is a free, family-friendly event that is open to the public. Guests can enjoy games, prizes, golf cart rides, refreshments and a special buy-one-get-one-free pillow sale during the event. In addition to the $6,000 genuine Eiderdown pillow, Verlo will be giving away 29 other pillows (more reasonably priced) as raffle prizes for winning games.

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