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Clock Change Affects Your Sleep & More


Now that it’s been a few days since daylight savings ended, how have you been adjusting?

It’s amazing how one little hour can have all kinds of effects – from a higher incidence of heart attacks to more car accidents. Most of the negative effects are more likely to occur in spring when we lose an hour of sleep. But researchers at Carnagie Mellon University found that “the time switch seems to have an impact on the number of pedestrians killed by vehicles in the immediate aftermath of the change back to standard time in the fall.”

I know my sleep schedule has been a bit screwy since the change. I was super tired Sunday night, and the last few mornings, I’ve woken up an hour early – which makes me tired earlier at night. According to, experts say it usually takes about four to five days for your body to adjust to the new schedule. Until then, a news agency in Canada recommends following tips for coping with the annual time change:

    • Eat healthy.
    • Stay hydrated.
    • Increase your light exposure.
    • Get vitamin D.
    • Be extra alert when driving.

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