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Childhood Sleep Memories

Childhood sleep memories-1.jpgBedtime for children is a magical routine that offers many sweet memories. Do you remember what kind of stories you were read as a child? What about your kids beds, did you have a trundle bed or bunk beds? Then there were those times of bed wetting that plague children of all ages. As you recall your favorite childhood sleep memories, here are some common threads found within most childhood sleep memories.

Bedtime Stories

One of the biggest differences between childhood bedtime routines and those of adults is story time. Did you get read to as a child, or were you reading to yourself by the time you were five? If you were read aloud to, this no doubt is a happy memory for you. Today you may have carried on the torch by having a bedtime table stacked high with library books waiting for you to read to yourself.

Aug 20 reading from a stack of booksReading before bedtime is a fantastic way to relax and unwind. Some say reading is even meditation as it forces you to focus your mind on the story at hand. If you are struggling with falling into a bedtime routine as an adult, fall back to this childhood staple of reading before you catch some zzz’s.

Kids Beds

Kids’ beds come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you had bunk beds, a trundle bed, a funky headboards, or even a loft bed, chances are you no longer have this type of sleeping arrangement. These beds are what fairytales are made of, whether you are perched high on a bunk bed or in a loft. You felt like you were climbing up to the stars in your bed tucked near the ceiling.

As for trundle beds, those beds that pull out of a twin for a bunking situation, if you had a sibling or friends sleep over, these were the beds to have. Adults have a difficult time size-wise with sleeping on anything that isn’t two feet off of the ground and at least the width of a full size mattress. So sit back and remember how wonderful it was to sleep in the bed of your youth.

Bed Wetting

This isn’t one of the fondest memories of one’s childhood, but it happens far more often than you would like. In fact according to the American Family Physician Journal, 5 to 7 million children suffer from bedwetting in the US. This condition often causes shame and embarrassment among kids who suffer from nocturnal enuresis. However, bedwetting is typically caused by a medical condition that the child or teen can’t resolve on their own so talk to your physician.

Bedtime routines and childhood sleep memories are fond thoughts from your golden years as a child. As you become an adult with children of your own, you want your children to have equally pleasant memories of bedtime in their youth. Start with these three aspects of bedtime for kids to give your child the keenest reminiscences of their younger years. You’ll find that you have given them a joyful bedtime experience that they will look back on with happy thoughts when they are having children of their own.

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