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Celebrities Sleeping Habits & Disorders

Aug 23 celebrity with sleep problemThe sleeping habits of public figures like Leonardo da Vinci have been discussed in the media for years. If you were to follow the most demanding Da Vinci sleep habits, you would take a 20- or 30-minute nap every four hours around the clock. This is a variation of polyphasic sleep known as the Uberman cycle, and the goal is to gain more awake hours in the day. People around the world are now experimenting with this concept because they want to follow in Da Vinci’s footsteps. You can even buy the Da Vinci alarm clock if you really want to commit.

That is one of the more extreme examples of how stories of celebrities with mental illness or sleeping disorders can inspire others. There are many other celebrities who suffer from the same sleep disorders as millions of people around the world, and they each serve as examples of how sufferers can enjoy great success in life even when quality sleep is a challenge.

Jimmy Kimmel – Narcolepsy

Many stories related to celebrities with mental illness or sleeping disorders are filled with negativity and tragic scenarios. For Jimmy Kimmel, narcolepsy has had more of a positive impact on his life. Even though he admits to dozing off while driving and on the set of productions, he remains enthusiastic about the benefit of being able to fall asleep quickly. He even seems envious of narcolepsy sufferers who experience limp limbs when they fall asleep, which is a symptom that interferes with quality of life for many people.

Jimmy suffers from a mild form of narcolepsy that includes excessive daytime sleepiness that may cause him to nod off at in appropriate times. Severe cases may include more serious narcolepsy symptoms, including hallucinations and brief periods of sleep paralysis.

Jennifer Aniston – Sleepwalking

A little research into celebrities with anxiety may lead you to a brief Jennifer Aniston interview in which she admitted to suffering from sleepwalking since childhood. Her symptoms include walking out of her home in the middle of the night and holding conversations with family members that she does not later recall. This is often a childhood sleep disorder that goes away in the teen years, but Jennifer has publicly discussed at least one incident that occurred in her adult life. In her interview, she openly discussed the anxiety that she experienced when waking up outside her home during that adulthood incident.

sleepwalker.jpgSome people experience occasional episodes of sleepwalking without it interfering with their quality of sleep, but consistent episodes may signal a more severe sleep disorder that needs medical attention. Sufferers may need to take steps to protect themselves against danger. This might include adding baby gates to block off stairways, keeping their bedroom on the first floor, and placing door locks up high where they’re more difficult to reach.

Shaquille O’Neal – Sleep Apnea

The Harvard Medical School grabbed attention in 2011 by including Shaq in their Sleep and Health Education Program. He appeared within the obstructive sleep apnea training module, allowing viewers to watch him go through a sleep study to gain a more in-depth understanding of his sleeping habits. He was then diagnosed with sleep apnea and fitted for a CPAP machine.

Sleep apnea occurs when the airways are obstructed, preventing the sufferer from breathing for short periods of time. This can occur up to 30 times per night and often interferes with quality of sleep to the point of interrupting daily life. It’s common for sleep apnea sufferers to wake up exhausted even after long periods of sleep.

If you or someone that you love suffers from sleep paralysis, narcolepsy, sleep apnea, or any other disorder that deprives you of restful sleep, use these celebrities as inspiration. Look at the success that they have enjoyed in life and know that you can also reach goals and enjoy life despite sleeping habits that may make it more difficult.

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