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Celebrating 60 Years with 60 Reasons to Sleep

attractive older couple celebratingThis year marks a very special point in Verlo’s history: We’re celebrating our 60th Anniversary! And we’re still in love with what we do – building mattresses and helping people to sleep better because we firmly believe that so much depends on a good night’s sleep.

Throughout the year, we will be reflecting on the last 60 years and sharing our vision for the future. But today, we thought we’d honor our 60th Anniversary by giving you 60 Reasons to Sleep

  1. It’s warmer under the covers.
  2. You haven’t seen the sun in months so it must be nighttime.
  3. Beauty sleep is a real thing.
  4. Avoid shoveling.
  5. Sleeping affects the production of hormones that help control weight.
  6. There’s nothing on TV.
  7. Sleeping improves your memory.
  8. You can’t spend money when you’re sleeping.
  9. Sleep is good for tissue growth and muscle repair.
  10. Sleep keeps your immune system strong.
  11. Not getting enough sleep puts you at greater risk for type 2 diabetes.
  12. Improve your creativity.
  13. Because everything looks better in the morning.
  14. Dreaming is fun!
  15. You can’t eat when you’re asleep.
  16. So you don’t snap at your children.
  17. You finished Season 2 of The Crown.
  18. Boosts your grades. 
  19. When kids sleep well, parents sleep well.
  20. Sleep clears your mind.
  21. Sleep can help you avoid a car accident.
  22. Sleep provides a great alibi.
  23. Sleep allows your brain to connect the dots.
  24. Sleep increases your productivity.
  25. Recharge your cardiovascular system.
  26. Sleep motivates you to workout.
  27. Not getting enough sleep puts you at greater risk for stroke.
  28. Waking up refreshed allows you to start your day in the best way.
  29. Boost your body’s metabolism.
  30. Sleep improves athletic performance.
  31. Sleep reduces those annoying circles under your eyes.
  32. So you can experience  being woken up by the sound of birds instead of an alarm clock.
  33. Not getting enough sleep puts you at greater risk for obesity.
  34. Sleep provides stress relief.
  35. Sleep promotes growth within children.
  36. Sleep helps with concentration.
  37. Create memories with your children (bedtime stories).
  38. A healthy schedule centralizes around sleep.
  39. Avoid mood swings.
  40. Eliminate the need for caffeine.
  41. Not getting enough sleep puts you at greater risk for heart attack.
  42. Poor sleep can lead to inflammation.
  43. You’ll wake up in time for breakfast.
  44. Sleep deprivation increases cravings.
  45. A lack of sleep can impact your social life in a negative manner.
  46. Infection-fighting antibodies and cells are reduced when we don’t get enough sleep.
  47. Sleep loss produces anger and impatience.
  48. Sleep allows you to spend more time with your pets (and get up for those early morning walks with Fido).
  49. Increase your lifespan.
  50. Sleep helps you to concentrate.
  51. You look so innocent when you’re asleep.
  52. People are less likely to bother you.
  53. To make tomorrow come sooner.
  54. To finish last night’s dream.
  55. For help with decision-making.
  56. Helps to alleviate hangovers.
  57. You can’t spend money while you’re sleeping.
  58. Your neighbors will like how quiet your apartment is.
  59. Escape boring conversations with your in laws.
  60. Ends feelings of self-conscious on a bad-hair day.  




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