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Breakfast in Bed? Mom Will Eat It Up!

may 13 breakfast in bed Wondering what that special mom in your life would like for Mother’s Day? Here’s a clue; It’s probably not expensive jewelry or a complicated flower arrangement. What do most moms want to commemorate that one special day each year set aside just to celebrate motherhood?


Whether it’s Mother’s Day breakfast in bed, some time alone to catch up on the hobbies and interests they’ve shelved in lieu of caring for a family, or a beautiful card that speaks directly to how much they sacrifice daily, most moms just want to feel like their family realizes how irreplaceable they are on this special day.

A majority of moms surveyed for confessed they’d rather have two extra hours of sleep on Mother’s Day than a piece of expensive jewelry. They also admitted that a handmade card from a child beat out a spa makeover. Keeping these results in mind, it’s safe to assume that spending tons of money on mom-appreciation isn’t really necessary.


With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of breakfast-in-bed recipes and breakfast-in-bed tray ideas that will wow your favorite mom this Mother’s Day:

1. Maple-Pecan Scones

Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, offers up a maple-pecan scone recipe at Food Network that utilizes real pecans, an entire pound of confectioner’s sugar and even a sampling of coffee in the mix. If you make these decadent and delightful delicacies for your special mom, you’re sure to move to the top of her favorite’s list. Arrange them on a pretty tray with Mom’s favorite coffee mug, a bowl of fresh, seasonal berries and a single stem in a vase, and you have the makings of the start of a perfect Mother’s Day.

2. Banana French Toast

french toast.jpgWilliams Sonoma publishes a tasty recipe for French Toast with Caramelized Bananas that will target Mom’s sweet tooth in an epic way. This favorite recipe uses three whole bananas and a dash of dark rum to add a sweet and zesty tang to a traditional dish. Serve it up plain with coffee, or pair it with a splash of yogurt to tell Mom how much she means to you. Layer it all on a petite plate, atop a dainty paper doily, to drive the admiration home.

3. Blueberry Breakfast Parfait

Or how about a blueberry breakfast parfait like the one featured at Food & Wine? This simple little dish looks heavenly, yet takes only minutes to prepare when you combine such ingredients as freshly cooked berries, brown sugar, lime juice, yogurt and granola in a dainty dish and serve it alone or as a breakfast side to a hearty meal. If your favorite mom is a lover of fresh fruits and yogurt, she’ll enjoy this attractive concoction.

It doesn’t take money to woo Mom on Mother’s Day. It just takes a little time and some thoughtful effort. Using recipes like the ones posted here will help get you there.

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