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Bedtime Gifts for Your Valentine

FEB 8 featured image.jpgWHEN IT COMES to Valentine’s Day gifts, chocolate and flowers are certainly at the top of everyone’s list, perhaps followed by a fancy night out at a great restaurant. While those items are certainly romantic – if not terribly creative – they don’t last very long. Once you chow down on the goodies and the last petal drops from that bouquet, Valentine’s Day is just a memory.

But what if you want to give your partner a gift that will last longer than just a few days in February? For a gift that keeps on giving, try handing your partner something truly valuable: a good night’s sleep.

The Benefits of Sleep

There are few things in the world as rare and blissful as being well rested. These days, many people don’t come close to getting the recommended eight hours of shut-eye every night, and missing out on sleep can lead to some real health problems down the road. When your sweetie is sleepy, he or she is more likely to be in an accident, feel depressed, gain weight, and even lose interest in sex – not very romantic!

So this Valentine’s Day, show your lover how much you care by helping make bedtime so comfortable that sleep comes easy and lasts all night. Try these creative gifts for making this V-Day all about getting into bed – for health reasons, of course!

Valentines for the Sleep-Deprived

For the Fashionista

A fresh set of pajamas will set the stage for a great night’s sleep, especially when you splurge on luxurious fabrics. Silk is a classic, sexy choice, but don’t count out the comfort of a warm set of flannels or sleepwear made from soft T-shirt fabric.

For the Tightly-Wound

If your sweetheart works so hard that he or she has trouble getting into a restful frame of mind at night, turn the bedroom into a Zen-like retreat. Add a collection of candles for mood lighting, incense or an essential oil diffuser for aromatherapy, and a white noise machine with a variety of sounds to help aid in relaxation.

For the Parent

exhausted dad taking over feeding.jpgExhausted moms and dads don’t need to be convinced that sleep is a great gift – they definitely already know. To really wow your spouse, try taking over nightly feeding or early-morning breakfast duty for a few days to allow your co-parent to catch up on much-needed rest. It’s the most loving gift you could give!

For the Data-Head

Science-minded folks will appreciate a sleep monitor that measures their movements during the night. This biofeedback – along with other data like room temperature, noises and the like – will provide crucial data to show which conditions make for the perfect night’s sleep. The best sleep monitors come with easy-to-use smartphone apps.

For the Interior Decorator

You don’t need a full remodeling job to give your bedroom a facelift. Try a bed makeover with new linens, sheets and plenty of throw pillows to celebrate the holiday in style. Choose luxurious Egyptian cotton sheets with a high thread count to make every day a little more luxurious in the bedroom.

No matter what your partner’s taste or style, you’re sure to find a gift that helps make bedtime a little more relaxing and special this Valentine’s Day. Get creative and give the gift of a great night’s sleep – your grateful partner is sure to send some love and appreciation your way in return!

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