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Baby Sleep Sacks – Should Your Baby Rock One?

mother holding infantIf you have a baby or toddler in the family, you’ve probably heard of the baby sleep sack trend. It all started when Halo released their SleepSack, which is a trademarked name for a wearable sleeping bag or blanket designed just for babies.

The original concept was to create a blanket that would keep newborns warm without putting them at risk for SIDS or strangulation. It quickly caught on with parents desperate to maximize their sleeping hours while minimizing their worry, and the baby slumber sack is now a must-have item for all parents.

The Halo line has expanded to include footed SleepSacks to keep babies warm during their active hours and thermal sacks for use in colder climates. Parents and caregivers are searching for the cutest swaddle bag designs, and children are staying toasty warm while looking adorable in their modern sleep gear. Before you jump into the trend, take a moment to learn more about baby sleep sacks.

The Best Slumber Sack Features

A basic sleep sack or swaddle bag looks like a long jumper with more room for your baby to move around. You can find them in lightweight fabric, soft wool materials, and heavier thermal material for maximum warmth. If you spend a little time looking around online, you’ll find some unique products that are now spinning off the original SleepSack idea. Here are some of the best features to look out for as you shop:

    • Weighted fabric on the chest panel. If you’ve heard of weighted blankets and the calming effect that they have on many children, it won’t surprise you that you can now buy a baby sleep sack with weighted material over the chest. The Zen Sack offers this feature and is designed more like a swaddle bag than a wearable sack. It’s all about comfort and that sense of safety while sleeping.
    • Snaps or Velcro on the shoulders that make it easy to get the baby in and out of the bag. Also look for zippers at the bottom that allow you to change diapers without removing your little one from their cozy sack.
    • Wearable sleeping bags that completely cover the hands and feet. The Zipadee-Zip got this model started, and popularity skyrocketed after the family-operated business appeared on Shark Tank. These lightweight sleeping sacks allow babies and toddlers to move around easily while remaining completely covered by their sleeping bag. You can even safely put your baby into a stroller or car seat while wearing the Zipadee-Zip or similar bags.
    • Multitasking blankets that your child can sit on and wear. These blankets fold out to rest flat on the ground for playtime, and then you reassemble them as a wearable baby sleep sack. The Moon Cocoon from Nini & Pumpkin is the most popular option for this slumber sack design.
Selecting your SleepSacks or Swaddle Bags

july 27 baby in sleep sackMost parents or full-time caregivers end up purchasing multiple sacks because they each serve a different purpose. Before selecting the bags that will work for your little one, think about what you want your sleep sack to deliver. You may choose a swaddle bag with shoulder closures and some weight for warmth if you just want your baby to sleep safely, but other features may grab your attention if you have an active baby who will do much more than sleep in his or her sack.

You’ll notice that these wearable blankets are more expensive than your typical baby sleep gear. This is due to the popularity of the products as well as the high-quality materials and unique designs. Prices should come down as the trend becomes more commonplace and widespread. Now that you know more about this baby-inspired trend, get out there and find the perfect sack for your little one.

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