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Do You Love Sleeping Or Are You Obsessed With It?

Female sleepaholic.jpgSleep is a vital part of our existence. Without it, we would cease to function. Even short-term sleep deprivation can result in some pretty nasty effects, like impaired thinking and a weakened immunity. While we all enjoy a restful night’s sleep, some people take it to an obsessive level.

These sleepaholics love snoozing more than anything and will go to great lengths for a nap or a nice Sunday morning sleep-in. Just make sure you never come between a “snooze-ophile” and their beloved shut-eye.

Why Do They Love Sleep?

Sleep feels great. It’s the body’s way of recharging and healing. For some people, it’s also a great escape. Dreaming is fun, and sleep is a way to get away from problems in the real world. Sleep enthusiasts know that a good snooze is a great cure for things like stress, anxiety, and a bad mood. There are definitely worse ways to deal with a rough day.

12 Ways to Spot a Sleepaholic

asleep at movie.jpgSo how do you know if you or one of your friends has a bona fide sleep obsession? Here are some things to look out for:

    1. You hate the thought of getting out of bed
    2. You can fall asleep on planes, in movie theaters…just about anywhere
    3. You think morning people are totally nuts
    4. You wish your country would adopt the siesta tradition
    5. You plan your day around naps
    6. You have that 90s infomercial classic, The Clapper, so you don’t have to get of bed
    7. You calculate how much sleep you can get if you go to bed at a given time
    8. Koalas, which average 20 hours of sleep per day, are your spirit animal
    9. You live for the days when you don’t have to set an alarm
    10. Sleep gear, like a massive full-body pillow, tops your wish list
    11. You’d rather snooze than meet your friends for breakfast or brunch
    12. Your bed is the greatest place on earth
Sleep Lovers in Pop Culture

Some artists and celebrities truly get the need for snoozefests. There are several famous works of art depicting sleepers, including Henri Matisses’s Portrait of Marguerite Sleeping, Henri Rousseau’s The Sleeping Gypsy, and Vincent Van Gogh’s Noon: Rest from Work. 


Occasionally, famous sleep enthusiasts make headlines, like when James Franco took an unplanned nap while flying a plane at 3 am. Some people have even leveraged their love affair with slumberland into a career, such as Drew Ackermann, the host of a popular podcast called “Sleep with Me” that aims to lull listeners to sleep.

If you or someone you know is a sleepaholic, enjoy that hobby to the fullest – and without guilt. There are certainly a lot more unhealthy things you could be doing!

However, there is such a thing as too much sleep. WebMD reports that people who regularly sleep more than nine hours per night may be at increased risk for problems like diabetes and heart disease. In addition, hypersomnia, or sleeping more than is healthy, could be a sign of a medical condition. If you sleep a lot not because you love it, but because you constantly feel lethargic, talk to your doctor.

But if you sleep a lot because you love it — enjoy!

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