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Are Futons Adequate Sleep Solutions?

Sleeping on Futons.jpgA futon is simply a bed that can double as a small couch or love seat. This is often thought of as the cheap bedding of choice for cash-strapped college students, but that is far from reality today. The futon mattress market is now quite expansive and employs the same technology that makes full-sized mattresses so comfortable and supportive. There are also a variety of futon frames on the market, so you don’t have to settle for a cheap metal frame that threatens to fall apart when you move.

Selecting the Most Comfortable Futon Mattress

Shopping for a futon mattress isn’t much different from buying a more traditional Western mattress. You should consider all of the following:

    • Firmness
    • Support
    • Size

You can now buy futon mattresses made with springs, foam, or some type of soft filler like cotton. Cheap futons often come with low-quality mattresses filled with cotton, and they’re often so thin that you can feel the bars of the futon frame below. The most comfortable futon mattress options are typically high-density foam with enough depth to block pressure from the frame.

As a general rule, the thicker the better. These thicker mattresses are more difficult to fold up if you want to use your futon for sitting, but they’re also more supportive and comfortable for sleeping. You should consider how you’re most likely to use your futon bed before selecting a mattress. It’s also important to consider your personal sleep needs because what works for someone else may leave you with aches and pains.

Traditional Japanese Futons

The futon movement started with the Japanese floor futon. These beds are placed directly on the floor and are easily rolled up and stored away when not in use. Many people consider these amongst the most comfortable futons to sleep on, even though they place you at floor level. They’re filled with layers of cotton, polyester fiber, foam, and other materials that provide some level of comfort, but you can still assume that a floor futon is going to feel firmer than a plush pillowtop mattress.

Japanese-style futons are the most popular option for anyone searching for futons under 100 dollars. Yet, most people who choose these beds consider it a part of their lifestyle. Many appreciate that they can roll their bed up and take it with them at any time, and most insist that they sleep better and experience fewer joint aches and pains when sleeping on the floor.

Some researchers have spent years studying instinctive sleeping habits of primates in the wild, and they believe that sleeping on the floor in the right position could reduce the low back and joint pains that have become commonplace in the civilized world. You don’t even need pillows to find a comfortable position that supports your back.

Tips for Sleeping on a Futon Mattress

Aug 19 sleeping on a futonIf you don’t like the idea of sleeping on a Japanese-style floor futon but also don’t want to confine yourself to a folding futon frame, you have other options. You can place a futon mattress on an appropriately sized platform, or you may buy a thick memory foam futon mattress and place it directly on the floor.

It all starts with a high-quality futon mattress that you find comfortable. You can then layer it with sheets, pillows, and other bedding options that help you feel warm and cozy. This is similar to purchasing and dressing any other type of mattress, so don’t overthink the process.

Just keep in mind that the most comfortable futons to sleep on aren’t always as durable as full-sized mattresses of the highest quality. You may need to replace your futon mattress more often than you would a premium-quality full mattress, but keep in mind that many futon mattresses are less expensive. A good-quality futon could last you longer than a cheap mattress made from low-quality materials. Now that advanced mattress technology has hit the futon market, these beds are no longer just for students or those with limited funds.

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