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After Sleeping, Make Your Bed For A Productive Day


Did you make your bed today?

If you didn’t, you’re not alone. One survey shows that 59% of you don’t make your bed. Not a big deal if you don’t mind the mess, right? Believe it or not, the answer hinges on how much you want to accomplish during the day.
According to a HubSpot blog post, a determining factor for whether or not you have a productive day depends on if you made your bed. The post details how starting the day by “achieving one small task leads to accomplishing larger goals.”

They even reference a quote from a University of Texas commencement speaker who told graduates, “If you want to change the world, start by making your bed.”

I’m going to take this theory one step further by saying any productive day truly begins by sleeping enough the night before.

Intrigued? Give it a read, and see if you agree that starting off your day by crossing something easy off your list leads to more tasks being crossed off by the end of the day.

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