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A Happy Story About Football, Surviving Cancer & Verlo

Well…you may be thinking…this sounds like an odd combination of topics for a story. And you would be right. It is a bit unusual, but it’s a wonderful story and these day, we need to hear more of them.

Last Saturday, Verlo Mattress hosted an event at one of our local stores. We invited the public to meet William Henderson, a former professional football player, at our Greenfield, WI, store to get an autograph and talk about things like football and sleep.

William Henderson.jpgMonths ago, a Verlo employee had met Packer legend Henderson at a sports camp that his son was attending. During their conversation, it was discovered that although Henderson was a football champion – he belonged on the bench when it came to sleeping. Henderson had old football injuries that caused him to toss and turn and night, and he suffered from sleep apnea. (He uses a CPAP machine for help with this.) Henderson desperately wanted to be able to sleep more than the four hours of sleep he was currently getting.

What can we say…when you work for Verlo and are passionate about sleep…you can’t hear that “cry for help” without wanting to do something. Verlo Mattress set Henderson up with a v9 pillowtop mattress with latex foam to relieve the pressure on his shoulders and hips, and an adjustable base that elevated the head and feet to help alleviate his back pain and snoring. In exchange, Henderson would share his story and allow us to track his sleep improvements. He also was happy to talk about the importance of sleep and athletic performance.

A Wonderful Surprise

So, fast forward to the event at the Greenfield store. As the line was forming to get Henderson’s autograph, a young mother and her family approached us to share their story and a special photo.

william-henderson-and-boy.jpgHer 9-year-old son, Epigmenio (Manny), is a childhood cancer survivor who had been treated at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. Five years earlier, while Manny was receiving treatment for childhood leukemia, Henderson had visited with the family and other patients on the unit. (He and Manny shared a hug in the photo.)

When the Guerrero family heard that Henderson was going to be at Verlo, they knew they had to show up and to let the inspiring football player see the proof of Manny’s recovery.

In spite of the many appearances and charitable events that Henderson has participated in throughout the years, he remembered the Guerrero family and was so happy to see the healthy young man that Manny had become – as we all were!


The Guerrero Family poses with William Henderson at Verlo Mattress. Manny (center) was happy to be reunited with his old friend – before rushing off to swimming practice.

The Moral of the Story

1. There is still good news in this world if you look for it.

2. Sick children do get better!

3. Sleeping problems can get better, too!

4. William Henderson is a class act.

Stay tuned for updates on how Henderson is sleeping now that he’s on his new v9 pillowtop Verlo mattress and his adjustable base.

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