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5 Sleep Strategies for Black Friday

nov 21 featured image black friday.jpgBlack Friday is approaching, and so are the deals. As the stores’ open hours creep earlier each year, you might wonder how you can get through it all without falling asleep in the parking lot. When you take advantage of these Black Friday sleep tips, you will feel better rested and in a better position to race through the store.

1. Grab Sleep in Chunks

If you generally go to bed fairly late, it may be tempting to stay up all night. This might mess with your circadian rhythm, and could be much harder than it seemed when you were a teenager. Make a plan to get some sleep, even if you have to do it in pieces. Go to bed late, or get up early, but be sure to snag a few hours of rest one way or another. Take a nap in the afternoon on Thanksgiving (it’ll be easier with that post-turkey sleepiness). That will energize you for the evening sales, so you can sleep a longer stretch before you head back out in the early morning.

2. Set the Stage for Sleep

Gaming your sleep routine is not an ideal approach for every day, but you can certainly make a path around it once. The best way to promote sleep when you need it (especially if you are going to bed early or crashing especially late) is to ensure that your sleeping space is ideal. Limit lighting, especially the blue light from your smartphone, for an hour before shut-eye. Add an extra blanket if the weather is frightful outside, but avoid making yourself too warm for sleep.

3. Wake Up Strong

When it is time to rise, you want to get going in a hurry. To start, you might set a cup of cold coffee to drink after you awaken. Just as you got your bedroom primed for sleep at night, now you need to banish that sleep from your mind so you can feel ready. Turn on the lights. If you have the time, take a brief walk in the chilly morning air to get your metabolism going. Eat a small meal so stave off feelings of sluggishness.

4. Keep Energy Going

crowded mall.jpgOnce you get out on the road, you might have a lot of time spent waiting in line for the store to open. This is no time to start nodding off, so you should work to keep up your energy level. Eating a meal that is full of protein or complex carbohydrates (something like eggs or oatmeal, not donuts) will provide you with necessary energy without creating a crash a couple hours later. If you must rely on caffeine to fuel your shopping plans, try to provide it in a steady trickle instead of chugging a bunch at once.

5. Find Easy Alternatives

Many people find that they can get just as good of a deal without having to risk the lines and fighting that is common at some Black Friday sales. If you would rather do your shopping by computer or phone, you can safely stay home. Just make sure to keep your late-night browsing out of your bedroom, so it does not interfere with your ability to hit the sack once you have landed that excellent buy.

Black Friday has some wonderful prices, if you are awake enough to snatch them in time. Use these sleep tips to get rest and build energy when you need it.

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