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5 Sleep Products to Keep You Warm

Ward off that winter chill and stay snug as a bug as you rest comfortably in bed. Rather than hiking up the thermostat, invest in a few products, including winter bedding, to keep you warm. Have these five sleep products in your home to use when the coldest months of the season come to visit.

Winter Bedding and Pajamas

Consider changing out your old bedding for new winter bedding that will keep you comfortable. A few items to consider as you prep your bed for old man winter include:

1. Winter Blankets
Winter blankets, such as the silk fleece blankets from Yala, are a welcome layer during the winter season. Wash any bedding as instructed to maintain them for years to come.


2. A Winter Comforter
You can choose from a range of comforter options available on the market today. A goose down comforter can be used during those cold winter months. Comforters come in different warmths; it’s best to begin with the medium weight and go from there. Alternative comforters, such as the Threshold Thinsulate Alternative Comforter, provides warmth without the bulk. Cotton-filled comforters that breathe can help avoid the overheating that can happen with some comforters featuring heavier filling. A wool-filled comforter can be used any season to provide that extra layer of warmth. These days, there are comforters to meet the preferences and budgets of any consumer.

3. Winter Sheets
Invest in some quality winter sheets to keep you warm. According to Consumer Reports, you can grab a deep discount on winter bedding in January, known to be at their lowest prices during that month. Don’t look at price tags alone but get the best quality winter bedding for a price that you can afford. Get some handy shopping tips from the Consumer Reports’ sheet buying guide here.

4. Flannel Sheets
Flannel sheets are a great addition for your winter bedding. Plain and printed flannel sets are available for purchase in-store or online. Flannel is easy to care for and stands up to multiple washes. Use them in your room, children’s bedrooms and guest rooms to add warmth and whimsy to winter bedding.

5. Winter Pajamas
There are so many cute and cozy looking winter pajamas available that it can make it hard to choose. Cotton and wool fabrics are effective at helping the wearer maintain temperature regulation because they are breathable. Cotton also absorbs and releases perspiration. It is durable but may wrinkle easily.


Blended fabrics, which include part synthetic, part plant-based and part animal-fibers, can be a good bet for keeping toasty. Winter pajamas come in a range of fabrics including natural fabrics, such as terrycloth, flannel and cotton, or synthetic fabrics like rayon and acrylic.

Flannel and terrycloth are varieties of cotton, although flannel refers to a structure of fabric and may be made from wool. The specialized structure provides more insulation and more warmth and as it is a natural fabric, it also breathes. Make sure to review the care instructions of specific garments.

Enjoy a cup of tea and a good book as you get comfortable in bed. Get ready for a restful sleep with warm and comfortable winter bedding and sleep wear.

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