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4 Home Improvement Bedroom Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

Jan 27 paint your bedroom.jpgSTARTING OFF THE new year with a bedroom makeover sounds like a truly fabulous idea. What a perfect way to spend those cold January nights! Then the budget sets in and all you want to do is cower in fear under the covers. But wait! Some of these ideas are so inexpensive, you might have enough in your pocket right now.

1. Paint

One of the fastest and least expensive bedroom remodel ideas is a fresh coat of paint. You can freshen up the walls, brighten the space and make a statement for $100 or less if you do it yourself, and it is not terribly difficult to achieve.

Select a few paint chips, and get a sample can of the last couple of color choices you need to make. Put them on the wall and let them sit for a day or two. Then, look at them at different times of the day as the light changes.

painting primer.jpgOnce you have the final selection, put on primer and then 1-3 coats on all desired surfaces. Make sure the space is adequately ventilated. Once it is dry, you can move your furniture back into place.

2. Flooring

Hardwood planks may stand up for centuries and tile almost as long, but you can only get a decade or two from vinyl or carpet. If you have the budget for it, a hardwood floor will cost you about $5-$8 per square foot, with more money for installation.

Hard floors are not always ideal for bedroom designs, especially when you want to be soft and warm. Carpet may be as little as $1 a square foot, depending on the quality you need. Consider purchasing a thicker pad for a plush feel under your feet.

3. Windows, Curtains and Bedding

You would be surprised to learn how much new windows change the look of your home from inside and out. New windows energy efficienct, which means you will stay warmer and cooler without having to pay as much in your utility bill. New windows for your home will set you back about $10,000-$15,000, but you will recoup about three-quarters of that in an improved resale value.

If the cost is too high for your budget, try the simplest of the bedroom improvement ideas: change your bedding and the window treatments. Invest in some new sheets and pillows for the bed, with drapes or new blinds to match. For less than $250, you could pull the 80s décor right out of your room, depending on where you shop.

4. Closet Upgrades

Ignoring how your closet functions and what it looks like – since it’s behind closed doors – is a thing of the past. These days, all the best bedroom renovation ideas include ways to improve your closet storage and organization.

If you can’t shell out thousands for a custom closet, try re-conceiving your basic closet with a few useful tools. For example, a second hanging rod costs a few dollars, takes almost no time to install and dramatically increases storage space. Add a few adjustable shelves and you have inexpensive closet organization that can evolve with you.

Getting the bedroom you want does not mean you have to rob a bank to pay for it. For less than $1,000, you could enjoy most, or all four, of these home improvement bedroom upgrades.

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