The best mattress is the one that is right for you. Verlo knows different people have individual needs for comfort, support and price. That’s why Verlo offers a large selection of all types of mattresses – from traditional mattresses to contemporary mattresses – to meet every preference, need and budget.

Verlo mattresses are the best mattresses because they are meticulously manufactured one at a time just for you, and guaranteed to deliver years of performance and enjoyment.

So whether you prefer mattresses with innerspring support, foam support, or air support – or even if you want a one-of-a-kind mattress – Verlo will build the right mattress for you.


We have your dream mattress, whether it’s a two-sided innerspring mattress, a comfy gel foam, a soft mattress, a firm mattress or anything in between. Each premium mattress is meticulously manufactured to bring you years of comfort, support and enjoyment. Guaranteed.

  • Advantage Mattress Collection

    Advantage Mattress Collection

    The starting point to a better night's sleep, delivering soft comfort and healthy support at a price that lets you rest easy.

  • Traditional Mattress Collection

    Traditional Mattress Collection

    Verlo's uncompromising collection of traditional innerspring mattresses continues Verlo's history of craftsmanship to deliver posh comfort and support in a durable mattress - with a Comfort Guarantee that helps you to sleep even better.

  • Classical Mattress Collection

    Classical Mattress Collection

    Exceptional quality, comfort and value that stands the test of time - the sign of a true classic.

  • Elegant Mattress Collection

    Elegant Mattress Collection

    This best-in-class line includes both cashmere and bamboo - two of the most luxurious and breathable fabrics - to wick away moisture and regulate temperature. High-quality latex offers anti-microbial properties and dust-mite resistance.

  • Estate Mattress Collection

    Estate Mattress Collection

    Pamper yourself nightly on Verlo's Estate Collection of luxurious mattresses. The epitome of opulence and body-caressing support, these luxurious mattresses bestow exquisite slumber to those who lay upon these dreamy thrones.

  • Harmony Mattress Collection

    Harmony Mattress Collection

    As a sumptuous alternative from traditional innerspring mattresses, Verlo's Harmony Foam Mattress Collection provides an entirely new sleep experience that offers body-contouring support and amazing pressure relief while virtually eliminating partner disturbance. This innovative line includes:

    • Gel foam mattresses
    • Memory foam mattresses
    • Hypoallergenic latex mattresses
    • Specialty mattresses
  • VerloAire®


    Our innovative VerloAire sleep systems allow individual partners to select comfort levels by using remote controls. Featuring air technology and patented air chambers, these unique air beds are topped with memory or latex foam for total comfort.

  • Verlo Custom Mattresses

    Custom Mattresses

    In addition to standard and specialty size mattresses, Verlo makes custom mattresses for your unique needs.


  • King Mattress
    76" x 80"
  • Queen Mattress
    60" x 80"
  • Full Mattress
    54" x 74"
  • Twin Mattress
    38" x 74"


  • California King Mattress
    72" x 84"
  • California Queen Mattress
    60" x 84"
  • Full Extra Long Mattress
    54" x 79"
  • Three Quarter Mattress
    48" x 74"
  • Twin Extra Long Mattress
    38" x 80"
Note: These are approximate finished sizes (+/- 1”) as provided by the International Sleep Products Association.


In addition to standard and specialty size mattresses, Verlo makes custom mattresses for your unique needs.

  • Antique bed mattresses
  • Boat mattresses
  • RV mattresses
  • Truck mattresses
  • Futon mattresses
  • Waterbed frames
  • Heart-shaped or round beds

(Custom mattresses may require additional time. Please see your store for details.)