The best mattress is the one that’s right for you. At Verlo, our mattresses are designed to meet the specific needs of the people who will be sleeping on them. But what does that really mean? Beyond being comfortable, many people aren’t aware of any other need a mattress could possibly meet so they don’t know what to look for.

How about a mattress that prevents you from being jarred awake every time your partner moves or gets out of bed? What about a mattress that helps you to sleep cooler? Maybe you need one that relieves pressure on your bad shoulder or prevents your arms from tingling during the night? And, what about needing to stick to your budget?

Verlo builds mattresses that address those different needs – and more – with actual sleep comfort solutions. And then, we make it easier for you to find the mattress that’s right for you.

Our easy-to-understand icon system helps you to quickly identify which mattress will help solve your specific needs. So there’s less confusion, and you can make a better informed decision.

At Verlo, finding the right mattress is as comfortable as the mattress itself.

Find out what the icons mean.

Introducing the v Collections by Verlo Mattress

Our v Collections include the latest in hybrid mattresses, popular gel foam mattress, and innerspring mattresses. Verlo mattresses are meticulously manufactured by hand in our local factories and sold exclusively by Verlo. Each mattress is adjustable and comes with a Lifetime Comfort Guarantee.

  • v1 Collection

    v1 Collection

    Just because a mattress is easy on the budget doesn't mean it can't be completely comfortable and provide long-lasting support. The affordable v1 Collection of mattresses proves it - beautifully.

  • v3 Collection

    v3 Collection

    Verlo's affordable v3 Collection of mattresses feature gel memory foam to help to regulate your temperature and provide a cooler night's sleep. Strategically-place components add durability and extra support where you need it most. Choose a body-conforming gel memory foam mattress or a super comfortable innerspring mattress.

  • v5 Collection

    v5 Collection

    The v5 collection debuts Verlo's high-density coil count mattresses, with coil-on-coil construction that features micro coils above an innerspring unit to reduce partner disturbance through motion separation. The advent of two more model options - a hybrid mattress and a wrapped coil option - are added to the collection's traditional innerspring and foam lineup.

  • v7 Collection

    v7 Collection

    Say good night to waking up like a hot mess. The v7 Collection takes care of that with a high-performance Tencel® yarn that wicks moisture away and is cool to the touch so your mattress remains as cool as when you first crawled into bed.

  • v9 Collection

    v9 Collection

    You can't make a mistake with the amazing v9 Collection and its unsurpassed pressure-point relief. Advanced Phase Change latex cushions and relieves pressure on the parts of your body that press against the mattress, aiding circulation and reducing all that tossing and turning during the night.

  • Estate Mattress Collection

    Estate Mattress Collection

    Pamper yourself nightly on Verlo's Estate Collection of luxurious mattresses. The epitome of opulence and body-caressing support, these luxurious mattresses bestow exquisite slumber to those who lay upon these dreamy thrones.

  • VerloAire®


    Our innovative VerloAire sleep systems allow individual partners to select comfort levels by using remote controls. Featuring air technology and patented air chambers, these unique air beds are topped with memory or latex foam for total comfort.

  • Verlo Custom Mattresses

    Custom Mattresses

    In addition to standard and specialty size mattresses, Verlo makes custom mattresses for your unique needs.


  • King Mattress
    76" x 80"
  • Queen Mattress
    60" x 80"
  • Full Mattress
    54" x 74"
  • Twin Mattress
    38" x 74"


  • California King Mattress
    72" x 84"
  • California Queen Mattress
    60" x 84"
  • Full Extra Long Mattress
    54" x 79"
  • Three Quarter Mattress
    48" x 74"
  • Twin Extra Long Mattress
    38" x 80"
Note: These are approximate finished sizes (+/- 1”) as provided by the International Sleep Products Association.


In addition to standard and specialty size mattresses, Verlo makes custom mattresses for your unique needs.

  • Antique bed mattresses
  • Boat mattresses
  • RV mattresses
  • Truck mattresses
  • Futon mattresses
  • Waterbed frames
  • Heart-shaped or round beds

(Custom mattresses may require additional time. Please see your store for details.)